two harakeke (flax) flowers in a digitally altered photo.


I was listening to an interview (1) about how a lack of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystems, the inevitability of cross species viral infections and the direct link to a rise in pandemics.

It seemed so obvious.

Take away…

art journaling page

the internal alarms and the stories they are telling me

“The shortest distance between two people is a story.” Patti Digh.

All stories I tell are through my experience and so come with this caveat — the lense I see through is that of a white, middle class, able bodied…

image — hands cupped facing upwards with rays of light coming from the top of the image.

Spiritual bypassing and the fawn response and COVID19.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could hold ourselves still enough, meditate enough, ignore our own feelings enough and take enough vitamins to reach spiritual purity or at least a sense of peace in these chaotic and uncertain times?

Wouldn’t it be…

image: woman’s face looking up — it is coloured in orangey red tones. it is superimposed over flakey scratched paint with rusted metal showing through underneath. photo by the author.

Why is there so much social constriction around the idea of anger?

Why is there so much negativity around people who report harm — which is misshapen and misnamed as “making a complaint” or “rioting”?

Why is there so much disgust at people who cry and roar and demand and…

image a cloudy sky over a beach. the colours are muted and there is a dark headland in the mid-ground on the left of the image.


This is something I have come to after listening to Resmaa Menekem, Healer, author and trauma specialist on On Being. Links to his website, with free training, and the On Being episode are below.

I have had trouble with my back and shoulders for a couple of weeks, tightness…

storms are coming . image is a cloudy sky above a calm sea with islands in the midground.

When your spirituality means that you are feeling self-righteous rather than humble, you have a problem.

When your spirituality tells you that you don’t need to get your hands dirty and that you are healed now, you have a problem.

When your spirituality has you looking down on other people…

image: straggly young pine trees growing close together with grey light in the sky.

I have been thinking about dominance since I heard Trump call to ‘dominate’ protestors.

I have a physical response to the word dominate. I can feel myself pull back a little, shrink down. The word is loaded with threat.

I think of the dominance of one dog over another. The…

soulmap journal page about a force for disruption

I’ve been thinking about the archetype of the Disruptor from the viewpoint of a middle class white woman — this is not exhaustive and more of a pondering than a complete essay, so please take it as such.

As a positive archetype, the Disruptor has the following strengths: they are…

Jane Cunningham

Creativity activist, conduit for love, synchronicity devotee

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